Foodie Field Trip: Chicken & Guns Guest Post

a visual pun of chicks with guns
image by Duncan Bayne

Portland is known for many things, Rain, Beer, Bridges to name a few, and most people who come to visit us in Portland know that our food carts (of which we have over 500) are another thing that puts us on the map, so to speak.  During our Foodie Field Trip tour, we visit one of our better know Food Cart Pods, Cartopia in which you will find an amazing treat- Chicken and Guns!  This award-winning food cart specializes in Latin spiced chicken, served with either their crispy potatoes or a farm fresh vegetable salad year-round in generous portions.Without further ado, here’s their guest blog post, along with a couple of photos to get your mouth watering!

chicken and guns store front with firepitChicken and Guns opened in Cartopia in June of 2015 with the goal of introducing Portland to our brand of smokey and spicy Latin American style chicken. We were influenced by dishes we found in Peru, Mexico, and Argentina and we wanted to bring these flavors along with a strong commitment to using only fresh local products and a unique aesthetic as well. We imagined it to be more of a tiny restaurant than a typical food cart. We built the cart out of reclaimed barn wood, recycled materials and installed a large wood bar and seating out front so that people could sit at the counter and see all the magic happen. Cycle Portland has been a great supporter of ours from the very beginning and we cant thank them enough for continuing to bring new guests to try us out.”


Our stop at Cartopia is the second of three stops we make during our Foodie Field Trip.  If you would like to know more about this Tour or any of the other tours we lead, visit our home page for more information.

Bon Appétit!


Awesome New Bike Route Mapping Tool!

Whether you’re wondering how much water to take out on a long adventure or just curious about the mileage of your daily commute, is our favorite new tool for mapping out our routes. It gives elevation, mileage, along with a weather forecast for your trip!

Best of all, it is a global service, with routing capabilities in both Metric and Imperial measurements. We plan to use it in mapping out our next trips! Here’s a screen shot of their interface. It’s pretty intuitive!


Thanks to Botond Bocsi for telling us about this great site.

Cycle Portland Brewery Tour Featured by Momentum Magazine!

“Bikes and Brews go together perfectly on this fun city bike tour.”

Why thank you, Momentum Magazine! We’re glad you enjoyed the experience!

We’re constantly seeking out the best in excellence for the breweries we visit, formulating stops based on locality, brewing practices, and most importantly, great tasting beer. We work hard so you don’t have to, and love showing folks around some of the best breweries in Portland, OR.

Whether getting to know the tastes and taps of Portland for the first time or just looking to expand your Portland craft brew palate, Cycle Portland’s Brews Cruise brewery tour is a must experience, and Momentum Magazine agrees! Check out the link to read our most recent press love from the top bicycling lifestyle magazine in the country!

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Utropstecken! Cycle Portland media love from the Swedes

Similarly grey winters, exquisite edibles, and a love for urban exploration by bike.

Portland and the Swedes are a match made in impeccably-designed heaven, and our counterparts across the pond agree!

Cycle Portland has been named a must-experience from the ünderbar writers at Hallen, a Swedish foodie travel magazine! You can check out the spread from the magazine here: Hallen-Sweden-FallWinter 2014.

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