Fall Tune-Up Special

As we enter rainy season here at Cycle Portland, a few of our staff have noticed a bit more skidding on our commutes, followed swiftly by more brake noise and the infernal wet jeans that come with riding without fenders. This means it’s time for our Fall Tune-Up Special. We may not sell anything pumpkin-spice flavored here, but we sure do get into that autumnal mood this time of year.

Come see us soon for a discounted tune on your noble steed– we’ll get everything cleaned up and running smoothly for the oncoming weather. We’re offering $5 off our most basic safety tune-up or $15 off our full tune.

On top of that, we’re always happy to fix you up with fenders that’ll fit your ride, because nobody deserves to live in wet denim. Come check out what we’ve got in stock, and we’re always happy to order something in for you if you’ve got specific needs.

Plus, come in between now and the end of November and if you spend more than $25, we’ll enter you in a raffle to win a Lumina Nite Rider. With 550 Lumens on your front handlebars, you’ll be ready for those dark winter commutes just in time!

Cheers, and happy pedaling!

Courier Mail: Reasons to Visit Portland


Our hometown got a charming writeup by an Australian based paper, The Courier Mail. Their reasoning sound pretty good to us, so we thought we’d pass it along!

Their favorite reason to visit is how easy our city is to explore. They recommend taking a bike out, and between our bike friendly public transit and the hundreds of miles of bike lanes around the city, we’d have to agree. Beyond that, these Aussies appreciated the Portland brew scene as well as the affordable pricing on everything from gourmet food to souvenirs. Oregon’s lack of sales tax sweetens the deal just a little bit as well! For a cheap, hip vacation to a city exploding with life, head our way any time of the year!

Click here for a link to the full article, if you want to read more of their suggestions!

We’ve got Lompoc Brews on Tap!



We’re proud to have Lompoc Brewing doing our shop taps, this week featuring two late summer pale ales. Lompoc brewing is a local institution, opened first in 1996. In the ensuing years, it has changed hands a few times, but their quality and their mission have remained consistent through the years. Lompoc strives to be a go-to neighborhood watering hole, with family friendly atmosphere and a constantly rotating cast of seasonal ales and lagers.

This week, we’ve got the Pamplemousse and their 207 Pale in. Pamplemousse is a delicious and refreshing citrus IPA. Four kinds of hops paired with real grapefruit juice makes it perfect for warm September afternoons. The 207 Pale is a limited edition brew, the winner of the Pride of Cascadia award as a part of the Timbers Army’s annual home brew competition. The winning beer gets brewed and served at local breweries including Lompoc, Widmer Brothers, and Base Camp Brewing. As such, this beer is a very exciting one-off, available only until we run out!

We have Hopworks Urban Brewery Jerseys!

We have limited sizing in both styles, give us a ring or come on in to see if we have one for you!
We have limited sizing in both styles, give us a ring or come on in to see if we have one for you!

Hopworks Urban Brewery is a local brand of beer that we at Cycle Portland have been proud to carry for years, and we’re now happy to carry their jerseys as well. Aside from their delicious, all-organic brews, HUB’s mission sets them apart from other breweries in town. Their commitment to sustainability, from sourcing their ingredients ethically to ensuring their pubs are eco-friendly, is impressive. Beyond this, their covered bike parking makes them an easy destination for local commuters all year round. They also have a small wrenching area, in case you blow a flat nearby!

As a small business ourselves, we are proud to be able to support our friends over at HUB by repping their jerseys!

Austin Food Magazine Does Brews Cruise In Style

Better a late blog post than never! We had the pleasure of taking Austin Food Magazine’s Trish W. on our Brews Cruise bike tour earlier this summer, visiting two of our rotating favorites (Basecamp and Baerlic) and having tasty flights at each. It’s been a fantastic season at Cycle Portland, and we’re always searching out the best craft breweries in town to share with our guests. Curious about taking a Brews Cruise? Don’t take our word for it, check out Trish’s write up here! Travel: Urban Brewery Bike Tour

New Cycle Portland city maps are in!

As regular Portland cyclists know, sometimes our bike paths are hard to keep track of. Whether you’re navigating the Pearl at rush hour or making your way onto the Springwater Corridor for the first time, it’s always handy to know where designated bike infrastructure exists. Our new maps have been updated, giving both renters and locals alike a handy guide for getting around town. After all, we know better than Google maps what feels safe! Come on in and pick one up with your rental today. Beyond safe routes, our maps have a handful of our staff’s recommendations for bike-friendly restaurants, breweries and activities all around town, and we’re always happy to point out our favorites for you when you come in. This makes our maps a great resource for self-guided tours of our beautiful city. Below is an image of part of our map of Sellwood along with some of our downtown Portland suggestions! cycle portland map

Pedalpalooza 2016

The 14th annual Pedalpalooza is in full-swing, with 250+ group rides already scheduled. This year, the fun will be going on until July 4th. You can find the 2016 schedule here on Shift2Bikes, and below are some highlighted rides. We all wish we could make it to every single one, but our legs (and schedules) can only take so much. Many of the popular rides below have pre-rides that meet up with them, so check the schedule and see how many you can fit into your month of June!


June 17th: Dropout Prom Ride, 9:30PM, Col. Summers Park

June 18th: Rooftop Ride, 10:30PM, Lillis-Albina Park

June 19th: Zoobomb, 8:30PM, SW 13th & Burnside

June 23rd: Thursday Night Ride, 7:30PM, Salmon Street Fountain

June 24th: Little Lebowski Urban Achiever Ride, 7PM, Col. Summers Park

June 24th: The Guthrie Ride, 10PM, NE 11th & Alberta

June 25th: The World Naked Bike Ride, 8PM, Location TBA

June 26th: Sunday Parkways, 11AM, Kenton Park

July 2nd: Loud & Lit, 9:30PM, Irving Park

July 4th: Independence Ride, 8PM, Woodlawn Park Amphitheater

Pedalpalooza 2016, June 9th-July 4th
Pedalpalooza 2016, June 9th-July 4th

Come out and join the fun, we hope to see you there!